Municipal and Governmental Law

One of the main purposes of a municipality is to govern local affairs, which includes zoning and the delivery of various services such as drinking water and police protection. “Municipal law” is a complex area of law created by the mixture of statutes, city ordinances, agency regulations, and other rules that govern what a municipality can do and how it can properly do it. Because municipalities have many and various responsibilities, the law in this area covers a vast range of issues and the unwary are often surprised by some isolated, but critical, rule which is all but hidden in some little-used corner of mostly unrelated law.

Wolfe, Tidwell & McCoy’s attorneys have served as city attorneys for multiple Texas municipalities, advising both elected and appointed officials on every aspect of governance. Our representation  includes other governmental entities including counties, water districts and development corporations. Our firm provides comprehensive support to our municipal clients on every aspect of local governance: land development, economic development, open meetings/public information, purchasing/contracting, planning & zoning, eminent domain, public employment/personnel, ordinance preparation, easement acquisitions, ethics, water/sewer/road issues, municipal court prosecution, code enforcement, utility & public improvement districts, election issues, and other similar municipal law issues.