Government Litigation

Whether it is at the state or federal level, litigation against government agencies can be very different from litigation among private parties. Policy issues, special sovereignty-based defenses such as official or legislative immunity, unique government privileges, and other complex issues pose challenges to claimants, but also present valuable opportunities for governmental defendants during the course of the lawsuit.

Wolfe, Tidwell & McCoy has a long history of successful representation of governmental entities, providing a solid platform from which to provide legal services in cases of pending litigation. Knowing the idiosyncrasies of governmental law benefits our clients by providing nuanced representation leading to the best achievable result at the earliest stage of litigation. Our firm can help you learn from others’ past mistakes which might otherwise result in waiver of your most powerful defenses. Protecting, representing, and advising multiple governmental entities over a course of decades has allowed us to hone our skills to aggressively defend litigation that drains resources and redirects focus from the important task of efficient governing.