Eminent Domain

Various government entities have the inherent power to compel owners of real or personal property to transfer it to the government in exchange for fair and just compensation; this ability is also possessed by some private entities in certain industries. This condemnation process allows the government to use the property for a public purpose such as building roads, hospitals, schools, parks, or government buildings. However, one misstep in the eminent domain process can cause years of delay for a project and dramatically increase the costs of acquiring property.

Wolfe, Tidwell & McCoy has extensive experience navigating governmental entities through this multifaceted and often politically sensitive area of law. Our attorneys are constantly monitoring the development of eminent domain legislation to enable implementation of your specific development plan. From hiring appropriate land experts, negotiation of fair compensation, representation before Special Commissioners, litigation, or settlement with a property owner, we can provide expertise gained from decades of annexations by various municipal clients to ensure the smoothest acquisition.