Business Formation

When starting a business, you must make a critical decision at the outset: What type of entity is suitable for your business? This choice will not only affect your personal exposure to liability, but it will also have personal and business tax consequences. The appropriate entity for your business will be specific to the type of business you wish to start, or the business you would like to become if you are transitioning your organization to a new form.

By taking the time to explore your business goals and evaluate your industry, Wolfe, Tidwell & McCoy is able to give individualized guidance while adapting your business formation to optimize the benefits to you. We also are able to provide an in-depth analysis of your liability policy, revealing areas of potential exposure. Our firm can also make recommendations as to the types of additional releases, waivers, contracts, warranties, or records which would help your business avoid costly disputes with employees, customers, contractors, or government agencies.